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March 24, 2022

Why Should I Use a Travel Advisor?

I am often asked if people actually still use travel agents. It is a common question for travel advisors since one can plan their travels on their own utilizing an overwhelming amount of online information. But, the question should be “Do you have the time to do it on your own?” Check out the top ten reasons to work with a travel advisor. 

Top Ten Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor

1.   Save yourself countless hours of research, eliminating the guesswork on how to arrange your itinerary

2.  You will receive a custom-crafted itinerary designed around your interests that include the sights, tastes, and places that pique your curiosity.

3.  Benefit from my extensive travel knowledge and world-wide connections. Not only have I traveled extensively, but I am constantly educating myself on global destinations and travel opportunities.

4.  I work with an amazing network of colleagues and travel vendors that provide invaluable resources in curating your itinerary.

5.  Thanks to my special relationships with travel suppliers, I can obtain amenities, upgrades, and other VIP perks you would otherwise not have access to.

6.  I will take those extra steps to ensure your vacation is memorable from confirming your restaurant reservations, to tee times, to shore excursions and more.

7.  You will receive special surprises from me during your trip. 

8.  With travel in flux these days, it is my job is to keep on top of the continually evolving rules and protocols for you before and during your trip.

9.  Travel with peace of mind knowing you can reach me at anytime.

10.  By working with me you can sit back and revel in the feeling of excited anticipation with the knowledge that every aspect of your journey is being carefully curated and everlasting memories are on their way.

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