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July 1, 2022

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As you have seen on the news, traveling these day is not without its challenges including long lines, delays, and cancellations.  Travel suppliers across the board are short staffed and, with the influx of travelers, it can take several days to receive a quote back or provide an answer to an issue. For someone who prides herself in getting back to my clients as quickly as possible this has been challenging, but I am working dilligenty to plan the perfect itinerary and assist clients with any issues that may arise. I am thankful they put thier trust in me and in the end they have had amazing trips full of memories.  

I have put together my Top Travel Tips to help make your travels go more smoothly. Yes, it may be a bit trickier to travel at the moment, but keep in mind that not so long ago our travels were severly limited. So take it all in stride, be thankful and rememeber at the end of the day you will be somewhere wonderful and finally enjoying the freedom of travel once again.

Trust the Services of a Travel Advisor

There are many reasons to utilize a travel advisor, but with travel in flux these days our services become even more valualbe.  On the front lines of the travel industry, we know how to navigate to avoid any problems that may arise and we can levage our connectoins with vendors to your advantage.  In the past few weeks my clients have experienced cancelled tours, flight delays, lost luggage and medical emergencies. As thier travel advisor they were able to immediately contact me so I could help resolve thier issues as quickly as possible. In the end I am happy to say that all my clients have had amazing trips and were grateful for my services. 

Road Trip Anyone?

Let’s be honest – flying right now is a bit of a mess. Staff shortages are the main issue and many airlines are reducing the number of flights they will offering in the coming months. If you are traveling domestically you may want to consider driving, especially if the distance is less than eight hours.  Even with current gas prices the cost may work out less than an airline ticket and will save you the hassle of dealing with the airports.

Booking Flights

When condsidering your flight options there are two things to keep in mind. If possible book a direct flight to your destination.  The extra cost you may incur is well-worth eliminating the possibility of missing a connecting flight and of luggage delay.  If you cannot avoid a connection, leave yourself extra time in between flights to account for any delays that may occur.

Pack Light

I know it’s difficult, but trust me it is not impossible!  Take the time to pack efficiently and traveling with just a carry-on removes the substantial risk of your luggage not arriving when you do.  

  • Be thoughtful in your clothing choices and bring items that can be mixed-n-matched. 
  • Lay out what clothes you want to bring then cut in half. For longer trips you can easily use your hotels laundry services or find a local laundrymat. 
  • Use travel size toiletries including reusable bottles and bring only what you need for the amout of days you are traveling. 
  • Limit shoes to just two pairs – a comfortable pair for exploring and another for dressier evenings. Wear the bulkiest pair on the plane.
  • Carry your coat or large sweater in your arms
  • Take advantage of the additional personal item allowance.  Check the dimensions allowed and maximum this by bringing a small backpack or laptop bag. 
  • If you must check a bag bring a change of clothing and travel-size toiletries on board with you.
  • Remember to always to pack any necessary medications in your carry-on bag.

Airport Arrival

The current recommendations is to arrive at the airport four hours prior to an international flight and three hours for domestic.  Check your departure airport’s website for updated information on security wait times.  Also, take advantage of online check-in and download your airlines App to keep better updated on your flight and departure gate.

Travel Protection Insurance

The purchase of Travel Protection Insurance is even more essential these days. There are a multiple of reasons to purchase travel protection including, but not limited too: Missed or Delayed Flights, Medical Emergencies and  Medical Evacuation, Job Loss, or Cancellation of Trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

I offer all my clients Travel Protection Insurance via a trusted company and, with your purchase, you are not only gaining peace of mind, but if something does go wrong I have a designated representative I work closely with to assist you with all your needs. 

Patience is a Virtue

The brutal truth is if you are traveling this summer your chances of facing an issue is high. Anticipating this then taking steps to minimize the possibility will save you a great deal of stress. If a problem does occur a bit of kindness and patience will go a long way. Airlines, hotels, tour companies are facing the difficutly of staff shortages and the personel they do have are overworked and, in most cases, are doing the very best they can. Be kind to them – they don’t like or want these issues either.  

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