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May 13, 2021

Rome After Lockdown

Sam in the empty Piazza Navona

The heavy weight of the lockdowns over the past six months is easing across Europe and a bit of normalcy is returning. For the first time in four months I was able to enjoy lunch with my two best friends at a darling Osteria located in the hills behind Cortona.

The biggest plus for me was that we are now able to travel outside our regions so, in fulfilling a promise to myself to visit the Vatican Museums before Europe reopened, my son and I took the train down for an overnight trip.  We stayed at a lovely boutique hotel located just across from the Largo di Torre Argentina. We then had an amazing day exploring the city with perfect weather and, with no crowds, it felt as if we had the city to ourselves.  For more on our trip visit Travels by Starr on Facebook.

Europe will soon be opening it’s doors to tourists and now is the time to start planning your vacation even into 2022.  And though Europe is my first travel passion please keep in mind that I love planning vacations around the globe.  From beach resorts, to cruises, to National Parks I would love to assist you, your friends and family in creating your dream vacation.  

I definitely have a love / hate relationship with Rome

It stems from my first visit here many years ago – IN AUGUST. The heat was unbearable for this Colorado girl, but over the years I have traveled to the Eternal City numerous times and it has grown on me.   Rome can be overwhelming, but once you understand how to navigate it can become quite charming. 

Where Ceasar Was Assinated

The archaeological area  of Largo di Torre Argentina is the site of Caesars assassination on March 15, 55 BC.  It is also now home to the Torre Argentina Cat shelter, a no-kill shelter providing healthcare and adoption services among the ruins.

The Pantheon – My Favorite Roman Site

It is the best preserved monument from ancient Rome that was once a Roman temple and now a Catholic Church. Originally commissioned by Marcus Agrippa and rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian in approx. 126 AD. The above photo is from the hotel I stayed at last Fall in which I had a view right onto the Pantheon from my room and the rooftop terrace. 

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