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October 7, 2021

A Month in Bavaria

Hallo from Bavaria. I am into my second week of my month long stay in the little village of Otterfing, just south of Munich.  It reminds me of the town where we lived when my dad was stationed at Ramstein AFB in the 1980’s.  Just large enough for a bakery, a few restaurants, and surrounded by farmland in which you can hear the cows mooing in the distance. The sounds and scents of the fields, cows, and wood burning brings me right back to being ten years old again. 

In addition to working, my days have been busy with long walks with my little dog Henri, visits into the city center to meet with new friends, and long drives through the countryside. I have eaten more pretzels (Brezln) than I thought humanly possible – seriously how do they make them so good? 

My best day so far was this past Sunday when I attended my first FC Bayern game at the Allianz Arena! As a diehard Denver Broncos fan, I love American football, but have somehow become quite the fan of FC Bayern. The game was certainly a different experience than a Bronco game (what do you mean there is no halftime show?!), but the energy level of the fans was the same and it was a blast!  

Being based near Munich allows one to easily day-trip throughout Bavaria and I have included information below on a few the places we have visited the past two weekends.  I have posted even more photos on my Facebook and Instagram.

Kehlsteinhaus – Eagles Nest

Synonymous with Hitler, this stunning piece of architectural feat stands as symbol of the evil that was planned and perpetuated on this very site. It is with mixed emotions that one stands here taking in the beauty of the Obersalzberg knowing the history. Commissioned and paid for by the Nazi Party in 1937, it was completed in 13 months to coincide with Hitlers 50th birthday. Hitler only visited 14 times and its main purpose was to impress and entertain important guests. The building was spared by the Allied bombing and survived the razing of other buildings in the area with Nazi connections, including Hitlers Berghof, his chalet that he spent much of his time.  To visit the Eagles Nest one must park at Hintereck parking lot then take a bus or hike for 1.5 – 3 hours depending on the trail you take.  In addition to taking in the views there is a restaurant with indoor dining and biergarten.


Visible from the Eagles nest this lake is the third deepest in all of Germany and well-worth a visit. Taking an electric ferry you can travel across the emerald green water to the pilgramage church of St. Bartholomew that is world-renowned for its wine-red onion domes. Midway across the lake, the ferry will stop as a crew member plays his trumpet for one to hear the famous echo of the lake. After a hike around the area enjoy refreshments at the biergarten or sit quietly by the shore taking in the beauty of this glacial lake.


Just over an hour south of Munich is the Mautstraße which connects the small villages of Wallgua and Vorderriß. After paying the €5 toll, you can follow along the Isar River stopping to sit along its bank to enjoy the beauty of the clear water and majestic mountains. The Isar River is the fourth longest in Bavaria with its source in the Karwendel range of the Alps located in Tyrol, Austria. After running for 22km it enters Germany near Mittenwald and traverses across Bavaria through Munich before connecting with Danube.

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